Our kennel was established in 1995, then we had our first litter on Irish Wolfhounds. But the interests of dogs started long before that. 

Mette got her own dog when she was a teenage. It was a Siberian Husky called Mira. Mettes family loves hunting and the hunting dogs became a naturally part of their lifes too. English Setters,German Vorsthe and Pointers. 



Per Magnars familly had a German Shepherd called Ara a very nice dog with a big personallity.

Together we have had  English and Am. Cocker Spaniels,Irish Wolfhounds , Dachses, Gordon and Irish Setter ,Pointer  and Boston Terriers.

This has given us a hugh competence of different breeds .

Today we are living with  hunting dogs and Boston terriers.ether we have had the

And here we live in a little place called Meråker, right in the middle of Norway.Surounded by  beautyful nature .

We have too sons..Joakim at the age of 20 and Magnus 9 years old.

Mette works at an institution for fysical and psychological handicapped people. Children and grown up. She started there in 1996 and loves her job.

Per Magnar drives the timbertruck witch was a family business previously.

Our Home
We hope you will enjoy your stay at our homepage, and if interessted in a puppy or a youngster please feel free to contact us.


                                                                                                                                Mette and Per Magnar



Some pictures from our home  :






















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