Happy New Year!!
Our Pointer  ..  Hammerpoint`s At Hjerter Dame   "Terra"
                            " Dina"                                                                         "Roy"
Lundstadgården`s Dina,7 months.
We are so happy!!!!Lundstadgården`s Romario) is finally home again....Thank you so much Malin Hagberg in Sweden for letting us have him back!
This wonderful boy has been a part of Malin`s Family ,and shown in the rings by her.He has 2 certificates in Sweden.Roy is  eye tested free ,and also blood tested.
He is soon going to have is own page:)
Lundstadgården`s Deadline
                                                                                Tonfoss Paola.
JANUARY 2013!!
From our latest litter we have decided to keep    Lundstadgården's Dina..    .she will soon have her own page:-)
1 December 2012:
The puppies are now 3 weeks old and growing fast!..we are really looking forward to see how they are develope the comming weeks:-)
 9th of Nowember 2012:
Puppies are born here at our Kennel!!6 georgeous Boston babys...2 females and 4 males...
more pictures on the puppie page:-)
October  2012:
The Winther is soon here!
01 June 2012:
"Bella" is enjoying the summer time:-)
1 March 2012!!....
Long time sice the homepage was updated...
We are looking forward to the Spring now and some dog-shows is in our plans...both Norway and Sweden.
13/11.11  Orkanger,Norway:
Tonfoss Paola became BOS at   National dog show in Orkanger ,Norway today.
Judge: Leif Lehman Jørgensen,Denmark
And now we have the honour to announce her as a Norwegian and Swedish Champion!!!!!We are soooo proud!!!
9/10.11 Sundsvall ,Sweden  :
Our Beauty Tonfoss Paola became BOB,with Certificate and CACIB!!!...for judge: Leni Finne,Finland.
Chatojo`s Dior  (Dorthe )   and Lillfjället`s Onne Bijenne (Ylle)  are now the proud parents og 6 puppies.3 Males and 3 Females.
The puppies are now 1 week old  ,and growing fast..One of the girls have allready started to open her eyes!
Finally the puppies are here:-)   we are soo proud of our Paola.The puppies came into this world on the natural way,and during 2,5 hours they were out all 5 of them.
So wonderful that all went so well.It was 3 girls and 2 boys.Paola is a very loving and caring mom:-)
  23/03.2011:      Relaxing Winther days:-)
We are planning Boston puppies early 2011...for more informations ,pleace feel free to contact us.
10/10-10  Sundsvall,Sweden:...
Lundstadgården's Rolex celebrated his birthday in a all breed show,and did it very well!!!
He got is 5th Certificate !!!Yahoooo....
10/10.10: Boston...
Lundstadgården's  first Boston litter became 1 year old today!!Congratulations to..from left: Rolex,Rosie,Ronaldo and Romario
We'r so proud of them all!
17+18/7.10:  Boston...
Rolex has now had his debut in junior class..and he  did it with style!!
17/7..Piteå,Sweden..Lundstadgården's Rolex became BOB for judge Birgitta Svarstad.
18/7..Alfta,Sweden..Rolex became BOS for judge Karl- Erik Johansson..
What a weekend for Inger and Rolex!!..You are the greatest!!!!
13/7-10: Dachs....
A new familly member has moved in to our home...more about her will come soon.
Norwegian Kennelklubb International show in Trondheim  04/07.10: Boston...
Tonfoss Paola became BOS for judge Christian Stefanescu.BOS was Bogerudmyra's Hakim.
World Dog Show,Herning Denmark 26/06.10: Boston...
Lundstadgården's Rolex became BOB ,Puppy for judge Bo Lasthein Andersen,Denmark.
Stikklestad,Norway 12.6 : Vorsteh..
Bekkstuggu's Bsz Rapp became BOB for judge Irene Krogstad ,only 11 months old!!
BOS was Raukjølen's A-Gaisa
In the Group finale Rapp became number 4 in strong  competition.
Well done  Karstein and Rapp!!
Jønkjøping ,Sweden 15/05-10:  Boston
Lundstadgården's Romario became BOS ,Puppy at the Swedish Boston Show!!...
Congratulations to his owner Malin Hagberg.
Lundstadgården's Rolex became 2nd best Male puppy.Well done Inger.
What a day!!
We are sooo poud of you all!!!
Sunndalsøra 24-25 /04-10:  Boston,Dachs
Our Shorthaired ,Standard Dachs Skin-Deeps Chilli Pepper  became BOB and 2 BEST IN SHOW  at the Special breed Show  arranged by the  Nordvest Dachs hound club,
at Sunndalsøra in Norway 24/4.
Judge: Terry Griffin,Ireland.
Surnadal og Rinndal dog Club:
Boston Terrier Tonfoss Paola had her debut in junior class and became BOB and took her first Certificate only 9 months and 3 days old!!
Judge:Maite Gonzalbo,  Spain.
Lundstadgården's Rolex became BOS,puppy.
Sunndal Dog Club:
The second day Petrine allso became BOB
Judge: Åke Sjøstrøm,Sweden
.... and ended as Group3.
Boston Terrier Tonfoss Paola became 2nd best bitch this day and took her certificate number two!!
Judge: Mr C Laverty,Ireland.
Lundstadgården's Rolex became BOS , puppy.
What a weekend!!!
18/04-10: Boston..
Lundstadgården's Rolex had a wonderful day in Solefteå today...he became BEST IN SHOW!!!
Judge: Mathias Løvstedt , and   BIS  judge Jessica Bjørling
11/4-10: Boston..
All Breed Puppy Show in Trondheim,Norway
Our charming girl Tonfoss Paola became BOB for judge Anita  Stensheim,Norway.
27/03-10: Boston..
Lundstadgården's Rolex became BEST IN SHOW 2 PUPPY     in Svenstavik,Sweden today!
Judge: Linda Næslund,Sweden.
High Five to Inger and  Rolex!!!
                                                    Foto: Dag Karlsen
20-21 /3-10: Vorsteh..
Seiter was on a Hunting test here in Meråker this weekend.Arranged by the Nordenfjellske.
He did his job on saturday and became one of twenty dogs who was take out for the finale on sunday.
Seiter is in very good condition in these days...and ended as  4VK....
Concratulations to Seiter and his owner Karstein.
He  is still going!!!....
Lundstadgården's Rolex became BOB and BOG for judge Karl Eddie Berge,Norway,
....and ended the day as 4th BEST IN SHOW  for Judge Mickael Johansson,Sweden.
We are SO proud   breeders of this handsome and lovely boy!!!!
Good news from Piteå.......
Lundstadgåden's Ronaldo  "Leo" had his debut  in Boden today.
And he did it with Style.....Leo  ended as 2'nd BEST IN SHOW Puppy!!..
congratulations to Leo and his owner Åsa Gyllemalm.
Judge was Mats Lyngmark from Sweden.
Picture is coming soon........
We have received great news from Sweden.......
Lundstadgården's Rolex became BIS2 at Vesternorrlands Kennelklubbs Puppy Show today!!
Congratulations to Rolex and his new owner Inger Jansson at Kennel Lillfjallets.
Thank you so much to judge Arvid Gøransson !
All Breed Show  08/11.09, Orkanger Norway
Our Shorthaired Dachs female  Skin-Deeps Chilli Pepper "Petrine" had her debut in Junior class...and she did it with style!!..She ended as BOS !!!
Way to Go for this promising and charming young girl..Thank you so much to judge Elena Ukhabina.





We wish our "Blue" litter the best of luck in their new homes!



Boston puppies borned 10.10.09

3 Males and 1 female.



Finally she is here!!..
Paola has now arived to our kennel.
More about this georgeous little Danish girl will come soon:-)




Trondheim 9/5..All Breed Puppy Show.

"Petrine"  Skin-Deep`s Chilli Pepper became
BOB and BOG 2,for Judge Vigdis Nymark.





National All Breed    Steinkjer 6/9.08Cocker Spaniel:Haljans Dancing Doll became 2nd Best Bitch ,for judge Kenneth Edh,Sweden.Boston:Chatojo`s Dior BOS puppy, for Judge Karl.E.Berge,Norway.
Steinkjer 6/9.08 2nd Best Bitch Haljans Dancing Doll Kenneth Edh,Sweden
Steinkjer 6/9.08 BOS-puppy Chatojos Dior  Karl.E.Berge,Norway


She have  a special place in our hearts...Kajandros Bright Memory "Tuva" ...8 years old and still going strong.

Trondheim Dogfestival,Støren  30.08.08Haljans Dancing Doll "Ida" became BOS for Judge Ove Germundsson,Sweden.At the same day ...Boston Terrier Chatojos Dior became BOS Puppy for judge Mery Chantal ,France.And allso the day after the same result for judge Steven Seymour,England.We had a wonderful weekend among beautyful nature and a lots of good friends.
Trondheim 30/8.08 BOS, CAC  Haljans Dancing Doll Ove Germundsson,Sweden.
Trondheim 30/8.08 BOS-puppy Chatojos Dior  Steven Seymour,England.
Trondheim 31/8.08 BOS-puppy Chatojos Dior  Mery Chantal ,France.

Norwegian Kennel Clubs International all breed show in Drammen..For judge Lynne Brand.Haljans Dancing Doll "Ida" became Best Junior Bitch,and ended as number 4 in a very strong female class.She is allso now Qualified to  CRUFTS next year!
Drammen 16/8.08 4th best Bitch Haljans Dancing Doll Lynne Brand

Our Boston Terrier Chatojo`s Dior became BOB ,puppy for judge Matti

Cocker Spaniel:
 Paisleys My Precious "Harry".. 3rd best Male.
Haljans Dancing Doll "Ida".. 2nd best Bitch  among totally 15bitches!!.Judge Matti Tuominen ,Finland.

Svenstavik 2/8.08 BOB-puppy Chatojos Dior  Matti Tuominen. Finland 
Svenstavik 3/8.08 3rd best Male Paisleys My Precious  Matti Tuominen. Finland 
Svenstavik 3/8.08 2nd best Bitch Haljans Dancing Doll Matti Tuominen. Finland 


Haljans Dancing Doll  "Ida", A-hips.







Vestnes Dogclub,13th of July, for Judge Leif Hermann Willberg,Norway:
our boy  "Haljans Lets Talk about Rumours" got his second Certificate
and ended as BOS!!

At the same show Our Boston Terrier girl  Chatojos Dior  became BOB and
ended as number 2 in a large group of Minyature dogs!!..We are SO proud
of her!!!! Judge was Anne Mari Haugsten,Norway.

Vestnes  13/7.08 BOS, Certificate Haljans Lets Talk About Rumours Leif Hermann Willberg, Norway
Vestnes 13/7.08 BOB,BOG2 Chatojos Dior  Anne Mari Haugsten,Norway.

OPPDAL 22/6.08 BOS, Certificate Haljans Lets Talk About Rumours Frank Kristiansen ,Norway
OPPDAL 22/6.08 2nd best Male puppy Haljans Kyle XY  Arne Foss,Norway.
OPPDAL 22/6.08 BOB,BOG Chatojos Dior  Frank Kristiansen ,Norway
OPPDAL 21/6.08 BOB Puppy Chatojos Dior Bente Tallaksen ,Norway